snake break

Sometimes my husband's work requires that he coordinate and perform studies of snakes. Snakes that live in this area. A herpetologist accompanies him in/on these endeavors. It's an intense thing studying snakes. You might start to know just how intense if you recall the one or two "snake" people who attended high school with you (then multiply by a graduate degree and fifteen or twenty years in the field). They are a particular lot. And it's particularly cold here in Georgia. That means the snakes are mean and cold as snakes. But slow and sleepy; that's a good thing when dealing with snake pits and what's in 'em.

One thing that warms my heart, though. My four year old insists that Horace is staying at a "snake hotel". As in, "Daddy are you still gonna stay at the snake hotel tonight? But did you see any armadillah?"

kds snakes.jpg

(two takes on snakes) kds & dcb prismacolor, watercolor on index prismacolor, marker on construction