The Play Each Kroger in the city of Savannah seems to have its own personality. For example, you find the "mall" Kroger, the "crack" Kroger ('cause you could buy some there), the "black" Kroger (this isn't exactly true, but...) and then, where I shop, the "not right" Kroger. It's not right due to the fact that you find a number of unusual characters inside (and out) that might be characterized this way...not that they're "wrong."

I'm rambling, but this is the Kroger of the crone sightings.

The Cast

Me: As myself Bag Boy: As comedian?

Here goes:

BB: Would you like me to help you with your bags? Me: Yes, I think I'll take the high life today. BB: I guess I'll take the low life. Me: Well, I mean, I'll take if for just these few minutes until I get home and start my low life. BB: I'll take the HIGH ROAD on that one. Me: Sure is hot today. BB: Well, it's Savannah. If you can't take the heat, move to Alaska. Me: Right. Thanks.

The End

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