seesaw kickstarter: last leg

All the low country islands provide opportunities for great abstract painting, but Turtle Island currently floats my boat. The first panel of four I've painted, this is currently the last available featured on this kickstarter supporting See Savannah Art Walls. All the panels placed together act as the "study" for the mural. The campaign will help to fund "positive, community themed murals in the public domain." The kickstart ends in 15 days, but it would be best (for me, SeeSAW, and Savannah) if somehow the goal might be met tonight.

If you back at a level of $400, the funding goal will be met and you will own this painting (valued at twice that amount) along with some other good art stuffs from SeeSAW.

So easy plus major positive karma that extends beyond your lifetime!


(turtle island) a 4" x 9" water-based media on panel 2011