scadstyle 2010 wrap up

SCAD hosted myriad fashion, design, marketing (and more) gurus this past nine days. 57 lecturers, 59 events - all exciting, informative and topical. SCAD continues to raise the bar intellectually, aesthetically and in its ability to organize and move (in all ways) the masses (that's us). I personally loved Etsy's Vanessa Bertozzi for her warmth and smarts, Hamish (say hay-mish) Bowles for his depth of experience and passion for his interests and Stephane Dupoux for his belief that art can be science and should be treated and respected as such.

And as ever, I am in awe (and a huge fan) of President Paula Wallace, her vision and flexibility in negotiating so many disciplines. She's a multi-tasker extraordinaire (and always impresses with her seemingly unfailing photographic memory).

Kudos to her, her staff and all those who made this week so stylish!

katherine sandoz scadstyle.jpg

installation: martha enzmann and karen mcvay butch