SCADpad "american" linens

One of my contributions to the American-inspired SCADpad: linens of organic cotton gauze that were hand-dyed, cut and pieced into larger-than-the-average-human landscapes of Turtle Island.  We then hand top-stitched every piece to include a set of four washcloths, hand towels and bath towels.  The landscape presented on the towel when wrapped nearly weightlessly around your body blends into the landscape we painted on the bathroom walls and ceiling. While the SCADpad design hosts only 135 square feet, you find yourself a part of a comparatively vast landscape that has been installed in the loo.  Small living quarters - big life!

Read a review of writer/blogger Matt Hickman's experience of staying in the American SCADpad here.

Studio Assistants:  Jamie Bourgeois, Alyssa Drennen, Clara Fishel, Melissa Hagerty, Benazir Torres