scad open studio night

Each open studio has a distinct personality. This time, I noticed that more of the artists were more engaged with more of the visitors. Interviews were taking place. Artists explained and some very intelligently. kds britt spencer1.jpg

(Britt Spencer)

I saw quite a few beautiful moments.

kds deanna melson.jpg

(all paintings Deanna Melson)

Too many to share, but here's one more.

kds shroeder vanlandingham.jpg

(dan vanlandingham, todd shroeder)

Lauren Coggins Tuttle's studio gives you a big bang for your buck. The studio floor counts as sculpture. Her paint is vibrant and the color and application demand (but in a good way) your attention. In her reference area, you'll see photos, little installationettes and some almost delicate drawings that all inform (about the paintings).

kds lauren coggins tuttle.jpg

(lauren coggins tuttle )

One disappointment; the most expensive paintings (not shown on this post!), though technically sound, seemed the least original.

But with art, and open studio, there are so many ways to impress. And one in our group loved the great entertainers.

kds dinosaur2.jpg

Brian Cat Taylor "The King of Monsters, 2010" 36" x 48"