savannah artists: up and comers

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of working with three of Savannah's up and coming collaborative artists. By up and coming, I also mean terribly young - as in still in teens. These guys have distinct and well developed skills and vision which is made rarer by the fact of their youth. I'm not only talking about their art, but about who they appear to be as individuals and in what they believe. I'm impressed and inspired by their spirit, their passionate approach to life and the photographic work that they produce. Because they are so multi-faceted and multi-talented, I'm not sure what to call these guys, but I'm certainly going to call on them often.

I've put together some information about each artist and I can't wait to see what these whippersnappers will bring!

Juwan Platt: I found Juwan's photos last summer by chance and fell hard for his sense of color. His photos to me are the best of painting and photography wrapped in one. I had no idea that he is a 19-year old student at Armstrong Atlantic State University by day and a freelance photographer by night. He calls himself "a fun guy who loves art, books, and pizza".

Donovan Woods: An aspiring director that runs an online collection of videos branded Vizionary Mindz, Donovan Woods, at the tender age of 18, has just been published in Savannah Magazine. He is dedicated to his friends and to upping the art ante in Savannah.

Tim Almodovar: When I read that "The photographic whiz kid will find the smallest detail in a scene and magnify its potential visually to create modern day digital masterpieces", I raised a brow. Now after seeing a couple of his shots for SeeSAW, I'm believing in the Almodovar magic.


photo credit: tim almodovar, january 28, 2012