review: kevin iocovozzi

I'll critique art, food and restaurants, an outfit, advertising, anything. I don't usually publish dish about folks, but this individual deserves it. If you called a man and asked for a helicopter ride in order to make some paint hens from the photographs you took while air-borne, you might have to drive to a helipad or risk hearing the word "no". Not me. I get picked up on my lawn. You know, like the President?

Any case, the man who makes that happen: Kevin Iocovozzi.

Internationally approved, this man proves successful in all departments; His business. Sports. His children are talented and have good personalities. His wife is hot, smart and get this, nice. His brother is a walking encyclopedia of southern history, art and geneology and is a killer story teller. He, not his brother - but it can be confusing if you're not in the know - is an award winning cook. I know not what else, but I believe.

It's no wonder that when his name is mentioned, everyone attaches the word "special".

Here a detail of one of the ten paintings I created from that photo shoot. The remainder here.

katherine sandoz detail 4 of 10.jpg

aerial-scapes (detail) 4 of 10 24" x 24" oil on canvas spring summer 2009