rednecks & bluebloods

James McKenna was my neighbor when I lived downtown. Lots of people called him "Jim", but he told me to call him "McKenna." He was a cranky old guy with tons of style. Had a Hermes scarf collection which covered two their boxes, of course. Never wore anything but Gucci on his feet and carried a YSL man bag. He was not a great driver (difficult when holding a clinky-drink), but was a good host. All in all (all and all?), once he loved you, very loyal. He often invited me to his house, to have a drink and look at his Avedons or letters from Martha Graham. Or sometimes we walked to the Hilton Desoto, to have a drink.

When I hung the "rednecks & bluebloods" exhibition in 2002, McKenna attended. He signed my book, which I really should unearth, and told me how "terrible" my work. But I think he may have been wrong this one time. I only have "the one" piece from the body, and I see another one fairly often. The reason I think they all might be okay; I don't immediately think that I could one) do them better today or two) just take it off so-and-so's wall and wouldn't get caught.

blog_katherine_sandoz_twodans.jpg "craig, two dans" acrylic on panel 10" x 10" 2002

*The one other mistake McKenna made: he gave everything to the Telfair. I really should have asked him for the house. It would have been a perfect artist's studio-gallery-getaway. Perfect!