ramona no. 1

First off, Ramona....I love the name, as much as I once loved Hans and Fritz (Stafford). Second, below is the first drawing (of six) for portraits I am developing. I'm pleased to say that all of my subjects, like the Staffords, are gorgeous, talented and seem like fine citizens.

Ramona from Romania (I am NOT the first to call her this) favors the colors blue-green and magenta. She studies graphic design, but practices a variety of multi-media work. She strikes me as warm, stylish and intellectually and spiritually curious. Just the tip of the iceberg in terms of her story...

Seated in the water, she pours tea (something she makes with intent and with care) into the Săsar River, in Baia Mare, her home town. Behind her is the city's clock tower (this may not make the cut). One of the reasons I placed her in the water has to do with the history of the region. Supposedly, in the 1100's, settlers, Transylvanian and Hungarian, named or called the area “River of the Ladies” or “Women's Brook”.

Lastly, I may be adding a bee, a dragonfly or a passerine of some kind in some way. Passerines eat bees so that might not work (SCAD's mascot: bee). Will have to see, but thinking that I need to add the flight and delicacy aspect...

blog katherine sandoz ramona no. 1.jpg

drawing for "ramona" portrait 8" x 8" prismacolor, photoshop