pure barre geography

I've been "sculpting" over at Pure Barre Savannah for the past seven weeks.  It's no joke.  If you think you're fit, I challenge you to visit and see definitively.  It works on three levels:  mind, body and spirit.  Quickly. Anyway, full convert. Here's one of my observations -  of the floor plan and who is tucking and squeezing on it.

1. 20 year olds

a.  seat: not bottom or butt, never ass!

b. ledge: place where seat and leg meet (pesky area except for those in #1)

2. yummy mummies

3. fashionistas

4. only person in room not wearing socks!

5. artists, designers, bohos

6. yogis

7. current instructor getting extra purity

8. former ballerinas

9. very tall person