savannah public art: tall & wide

If you're touring or running errands around Savannah this weekend, check out some 4,000 square feet of paint-making-public-art at the following locations: 50th & Montgomery:  developing mural at SCAD's Montgomery Hall by local artist and co-founder of SeeSAW, Matt Hebermehl.

10714 Abercorn Street: developing mural at Apartment Savannah's Edgewater Trace Apartments by local artist and SeeSAW advocate Katherine Sandoz.

Frequent collaborators who celebrate their city and community, both artists have been painting at their respective sites this past week and will continue into next. Hebermehl's current project, some 1,980 square feet and stories high, focusses on creative enterprise both past and present. Sandoz and her multi-experienced team reflect and mirror the site's unique vegetation camouflaging the 1,800 square foot wall.

If you do visit, both artist will ask to take your portrait.  Prepare yourself!