portrait: historian

A film maker, producer, screenwriter and frequent genealogist catalogs every member of his family. He knows individual characters' names, every genealogical line, all the stories, the geography, and many of the jobs that have been held for the last 674 years. He adds the dates and names of each baby as they are born. He tracks and records their achievements, locations, marriages, divorces, children, migrations and histories. He travels the entire world in this endeavor; his family always welcoming him. He instills a feeling of pride and great belonging. katherine-sandoz-portrait-js.jpg

(portrait js) 10" x 10" water-based media on panel autumn 2011

Thank you to the very organized and very entertaining Peter Erwin Roberts who booked hours with me on the phone this week while I painted. Thank you to Brian Cutter, Kelly Cooper and Woody Kay who provided invaluable critique and not a little humor throughout this project.