Well, my husband said our coffee tastes terrible. "It's not even enjoyable." He went on a research binge for single serve coffee makers (comes with cuplets or pods of coffee) and decided on the KRUPS (service for two or one). "It's not one of them R2D2 ones either," I heard him tell his (guy) friend. (That means modern looking design, I guess.) Then he (we) went on a bargain huntraganza. Dan taxied David and me to no fewer than six stores in search of the bugger on a Friday night "American date" (This means you drive to a place where stores exist on each side of the road. A stop at a home improvement center typically ensues. You may find yourself at a mall or eating at a chain restaurant. You will say, "This is not my beautiful life," but you will survive and probably live to do it again.). We saw promos for the thing (range of price: $99 to $149) but we never saw it. When we returned home, Dan got online. Relentless. He found the machine at Lowe's. How much? Fortynineninetynine, comeswithpodstoo. What a st(d)eal. We "saved". Another thing about my husband: This morning I asked him to turn down the volume on the television. He said, "No thank you, I'm drinking coffee (the single serve pod kind). I'm comfortable." Astounding. There I was...feeding or playing with his child...busy. I turned the stupid volume down.

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Later today Horace suggested that I make a return (for my studio, but his purchase) at the Lowe's. I was feeding (or playing) with David. "No thanks. I'm comfortable."

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