pet peeve

1981: I remember a good deal of information regarding my classmates at this time. For example: one nose-picker, one long-haired bird-killer, one cutter, a follower, a cousin, an athlete, a beauty, one woman, a greasy-haired savant, a jester, a quiet kind one. There's more in my vault.

In any case, I also remember that I was the one whose "smelled like a horse." Well! My leg-warmers (which were custom-made, mind you), they smelled like horse.

Which means everyone else had a good reason. But still and yet, I wouldn't want to be the one with things growing in my ears.

Had a little trouble with this drawing. Started with a cauliflower growth, but that's a "real" problem.

blog katherine sandoz cauliflower.jpg

So...moved on to a cheese and flotsam thingy.

blog katherine sandoz ear funk.jpg