pelican story

St. Francis is the patron saint of animals, but who is that of wayward or lost animals? Maybe my neighbor? Today, a pelican arrived next door. As it was explained, the prehistoric (looking) bird had traveled inland due to the abnormally cold weather.

Inland was pronounced with emphasis and as if a foreign word. I'm not sure why but when he had trouble eating a defrosted fish donated by the other neighbors, the saint put him in her shower - so he could drink some water.

Then she was off to the movies, but not before sharing this:

A wonderful bird is the pelican, Its bill can hold more than its belly can. It can take in its beak, enough food for a week. But I really don't know how the hell-he-can.

katherine sandoz patron saint lost animals.jpg

model: brooke diane rahn holding dcb (turned into a bear) prismacolor