sandoz soto paula wallace portrait

Thrilled (!!!) to be working on a collaborative project (Savannah Windows) in a collaborative partnership with Alex Soto. He is my new favorite artist as he is singular in his ability to re-introduce his subjects, is super sensitive to his canvas(ses) and is unabashed in his love for his work and the tools he uses.

We've been working on a portrait of Paula Wallace, SCAD's president extraordinaire; education, innovation, fashion and creative maven!

Here are the two "parts". Attend Fashion's Night Out Savannah and see the results!


katherine sandoz paula wallace (detail) in chris benz - fall/winter 2011 (inspired by SCAD & Savannah!) water-based media on somerset july-august 2011


alex. n. soto chris benz pattern re-mix (detail) rapidograph pen on tracing august 2011