painter michael doyle

Michael Doyle paints and entertains each summer in Wonalancet, New Hampshire at the site of my childhood home.  The "estate" is parts Hotel New Hampshire, Cold Comfort Farm and, then the home's name, Seven Hearths - because there are.  It is a place for magic, unruly flora and fauna...and projects.

For the last two years, while staying at the "Little House", Michael has allowed me to visit with him and his paintings.  He also graciously permits me to photograph him as if I weren't a complete novice and as if I used a camera appropriate for the job.

His paintings vary in presentation and subject with the forest and brookscapes being his most sensitive and visually and technically arresting.  He relays abstractly, but with clarity, the textures, light and colors that are the White Mountains.  In the paint's layers, you can hear the not so distant birds, sticks cracking and smell the wet of rotting leaves and creeping mosses and lichens.  No lie.

This year we shot at the wood pile - scene of all domestic crimes, misdemeanors and accidents!

In this version, he is woodsman, baker, man about the house and retired sports star all at once.