pack it in

So much happened today, I can only say this, "It's better to lose an argument, than a friend." (I didn't lose one or have one; just taking notes.) I got it from a church marquee, not marquis, of which I'm fond of reading. They are gems; "It's better to give than recieve (sic)." What about it's better to learn to spell than not? In other sections of my life, I picked up new keys (which I keep losing) at Chatham Parkway Subaru. Thank you, Mr. Norris Jenkins. David found himself attracted to a gaggle of men loitering in front. They greeted him and said, "See you in fifteen." Funny how you don't expect folks to know the age of your child and they "know what time it is."

And if you do know, you're "up with" where one of my contributions appears (#8) and my word has received four (or more) "thumbs down." Well, it's on the site, so how "down" can it be?

On the "up" side, I said I wouldn't elaborate, so "happy birthday" if you live in the Wholesome Valley, count higher than 41 and work with electricity.

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