ouch-y, mais qui vaut la peine

Saw le film called The Diving Bell and the Butterfly hier soir (part of the Savannah Film Festival) merci à ma GF the realtor. If you want to (sympathy) cry and, at the same time, feel guilt for taking for granted the small pleasures in your own life....watch on. If you prefer only to enjoy ninety plus minutes of pretty, you can still feel confident about viewing the above mentioned.

Seulement one scene made me think, "Come ON, (ce film est réalisé par) Julian!"

But, really, feel assured you will enjoy the movie based on a true story about and (a book) by Jean-Dominique Bauby, a writer/journalist/editor type.

Here's my "so far" for an image that might represent the cinematic oeuvre or the book.

katherine sandoz diving bell and butterfly.jpg (ce n'est pas fini, bien sur)