online boutiques:

I've recently started to develop an online boutique with the help The process has been educational, exciting and enriching in unexpected ways.

This energetic and conscientious start up offers platforms for "a shop of one's own" - just for creatives. Check out the great looking themes. I'm thrilled to be an early adopter; not only because I've wanted something this personal in an online shop for some time, but also because the company and its staff is showing me that they are especially attuned to the aesthetic, business and technical needs of creatives worldwide. Check their blog (hello, quality!).

In the meantime, the group is looking for a select number of creatives within the fine, applied and commercial arts to give them feedback about their services and are willing to offer early birds significant incentives. The offer is only available to a limited number based on their work and will expire shortly before SupaDupa launches later this summer.

I've recommended some of you to join me and while I'm guessing that a few won't need or want, for some the option will be supa dupa!

In the meantime, one of my great advisors at supadupa, Guy Schragger as drawn by the other artist in the house.


dcb "guy"

marker on index june 2011