one hit wonders

I had been thinking about them, wondering if I might be one, or even, gack!, a no-hitter. I thought to draw some of them and maybe learn something about avoiding such peril. Then I remembered that it's smarter to look to examples. Willie's no saint, but one of tons of bulls-eyes.

To be like Willie just do what you like. Don't do what you don't. (Such as spending time sorting out paying taxes or sleeping.) Immediate results.

If you don't care to share limelight with Mr. Nelson with your success, you might consider looking like him. As I drew this picture, I realized that numbers of friends and relatives could easily pass for the man.

Just braid your hair, center part, don some headgear, allow facial anomalies to grow, and quickly dehydrate yourself. (I think beer and late nights remain on the diet.)

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