not so fast

Today, got myself in trouble again with the fast paint hen....eesh. Now I have to wait forever to get back to it (not pictured below, you're relieved). Yesterday, E. and K. visited (still in their first decade). After "looking for our dog" (a sport game in which you take your car down driveways of homes you can't see from the road), we tore up magazines looking for good collage swatches, articles, things we wanted, and it turns out, "easy dinners".

I'd love to know who came up with that term. I want dinner to be "quick" to make, but it doesn't necessarily have to be "easy". I guess quick and easy go together? Seems doubtful if you ask me...especially after today's paint hen session.

In any case, each of us gave a presentation on our first choice (in our pile of recipes). The top three winners, I mean, dinners have been served, or will be at my house this week.

The easiest, quickest part? I emailed my husband the grocery list. sandoz blog quai des anglais.jpg

2002 "quai des anglais" sandoz, gouache on paper