@ nine months (circus)

dcb:stands, turns and steps (then falls) all about the birdies (dee dee) climbs stairs (we don't have any, thank goodness) working on: deer, duck, doggie, "ah dah" (all done) & non "d" words, light, baba (bottle) still with the: dada, dat (that) "reading": can point to a ball or doggie in any picture

blog picking puppies.jpg

picking out Ophir puppies in Douglasville, Georgia

plays: what does the animal say? itsy bitsy spider pattycake trot trot so big peek a boo (traditional & behind curtains or doors) understands "no" scrunches forhead and nose when this doesn't suit likes to drum on anything eating: starting to prefer whatever grownups have big hugger (kisses, adds teeth, 2!)

blog dcb @ nine months.jpg

Preggo ticker: Z36, M19, N15, TM14, TH6