new year's trend: goal-setting

Let's talk about goals and goal-setting. I set new ones or reset old ones every year. This year the goal-setting thing is trendy and there's been a lot of talk locally. Just talk so far. The new year is imminent; thought I'd mention that. There's a lot to consider and some of the concepts are lofty, tough to attain and often have feminine names. Think "be Grace", "entertain Patience", "find Joy" - which reminds me to re-double my efforts to find that elusive wretch Joy. While I'm attracted to all the girls - Hope, Faith, Patience, Joy, Grace - and wish they were constantly present, I might suggest more simple, but not easy, efforts like no eye-rolling, no sighing, no smirking.

Maybe keep the smirking, but you get the idea. Something achievable. And maybe one in each of these departments:

1. personal life (interior) 2. business/professional life 3. physical life (the body) 4. love/family life 5. skills & hobbies 6. add something new in any department 7. omit something in any department 8. something from last year's list 9. the world: it's your oyster, it's so big, it's so small 10. education: git you some

sandoz (vonnice) willow dean.jpg

(vonnice) willow dean 30" x 30" water-based media on canvas 2011