nearly new year

Getting ready for the oyster roast. The invite looked like this: blog DEC06 OYSTER evite.jpg

I'm not sure you can even read it, but I used the idea of a fortune cookie to outline the who, what, when, where.

Dennis Knose drove from Cinncinnati to celebrate the new year with our little family. He's nearly finished his new home; just about to finish the driveway, he says. And he needs to buy some furniture. He's planned room by room though he has yet to purchase each room. His hardwood floors are all wood (mine will be "engineered").

In the last days, I have mined the internet and perused the Lowe's and Home Despot to find the right flooring.

At the Home Depot, Mr. Nardelli (CEO who once visited my classroom) would be sad to know that the flooring department looks a mess. I told the manager "Allen", too, and he said it was the vendor's fault (which I knew!), but he shouldn't say that. I told him he missed out on my thousand bucks (even though it will probably be more like six hundred).

In any case, today, Fabio climbed one of our pecan trees and strung most of it with Christmas lights (white).

blog fabio tree1.jpg

The "men" watched.

blog boys watch.jpg

Miles had a big time riding his bike, shooting the bb, shooting bows and arrows, swinging in the hammock, and losing his "bref". He counted to one hundred at one point, but due to the "th" problem, fanks, he's all tens, twenties, furties and forties. He asked me, "Aren't you glad we came over to light your whole tree?" I said, "Yes." He said, "Why?"