my mistake

Yesterday, Horace and I traveled downtown for some last minute Christmas shop and some "family time." Everything was closed (and somebody recently told me it was the fault of the Democrats that our economy is poor) and someone should complain to the downtown shopping district committee (is there one?) or something. You can't shop (and boost the "slagging" economy) if it isn't open. We did end up at the Vinnie's (Paul Miller had to raise the prices because, according to one staffer, "He needs more money." Clearly, one business owner understands this equation: open + higher prices + customer = more money.) where Daddy and David enjoyed a binkie. blog daddy & david binky.jpg

Today, David joined Albert downtown for the tandem babysit with Yvonne.

blog tandem play date.jpg

They saw folks they know at Forsyth.

While I worked lots of last week and all of this week (I know it's only Tuesday), I also painted a paint hen on the wrong substrate. Mercy.

blog peter beard side.jpg

blog peter beard top.jpg

On best friend's advice, I insisted on redoing....which I am happy about. The second time is always better than the first; my experience.