my growing empire

Back when we decided that the barn should house my studio, I said to my husband, "Let's role play." He likes that kind of thing....not! "I'll be the designer and you be the builder."

I planned this great "environment" (that's what people at the Smithsonian call the places where artists work) to include the "wing" wrapping partially 'round a pecan tree. Well, he axed that...and without consultation. Not the tree, the square footage.

Today, but only today, I'm over the grudge regarding my "shrunken" or as they say in these parts, "sah-runken" empire.

My new empire will be, I named sandozia, no caps, please. Web site coming soon. I already did it, so forgit about registering that domain yourself and trying to sell it to me.

Here's the plan: sketches, iron-ons, fabric, paintings, stamps, flash cards, stuffed animals (double not!) and then the life-size sculptures (wooden and hand-painted by an army of "wax-on, wax-off" interns from SCAD.)

What's an empire without an army? What's an empire without a concept?

blog katherine sandoz addax stamp.jpg

This is the ADDAX, or addax nasomaculatus. Not having really taken Latin, in a word game, I'd guess this means "chews with nose."

This "screwhorn antelope" has been domesticated, by Egyptians, who else?, since 2500 BC, whilst traveling throughout northern Africa, Pakistan and Arabia (I guess since then, at least) in search of desert scrub (at night only) which is difficult to find, but hard on the teeth.

Please note: It is the animal that did all the traveling and searching for food. The Egyptians only domesticated, you know, probably in Egypt? I just can't don't want to figure it to fix it right now.