merrow smith moment

I've been looking at the work of this guy recently. 070612-1.jpg Cliff Path above Cassis 15cm x 13cm, oil on card June 12, 2007

He clearly understands drawing and color (and how the computer can work for the contemporary artist)...though he may not be the most modest. "British still life painter Julian Merrow-Smith is one of the most vibrant artists living and working in Europe today." I think he wrote this. He seems to do everything. Paint, auction, pack, ship, post. He certainly impresses me in his dedication and professionalism. I'm slightly critical of the paintings of peaches (even though most are beautiful). It seems he'd want to paint a greater variety of objects on the rainy, snowy days (or when he doesn't have the time). But, then, who doesn't need a fine technician's painting of peaches?

070606.jpg Peches du Pays 15cm x 10cm (6"x4"), oil on card June 06, 2007

I do (would want one).