mechanical wonders: the sandoz collection

A La Vieille Russie has extended the exhibit Mechanical Wonders - The Sandoz Collection until December 10th. If you are in New York City, visit and take lots of photos! I'd love to see and hear your thoughts on the works. Brook S. Mason of Artnet (& a kabillion other publications) describes it "as the nation’s most enticing decorative arts show" and "not to be missed".

All pieces: total luxury items!


ethiopian caterpillar: unsigned, attributable to the workshop of Henri Maillardet, Jaquet-Droz in Geneva, circa 1810. Extremely fine and rare 18K gold and enamel pearl and turquoise set caterpillar automaton, in red leather fitted box. info & photo from:

And the man for whom the show is titled, Maurice-Yves Sandoz, my cousin and collector who looks just like my dad, my brother...right down to the posture of the hand. Some strong stock!


photo by Trude Fleischmann (use the link; very interesting back story on this photog)