matt hebermehl: drawing update (& event)

In the 'burg, we like to sit around the fire pit. Sometimes a guy will pick up his rig and play a couple of tunes. It's nice. You can name many of the notes and the songs seem familiar. The stars twinkle, the fire crackles and the smoke doesn't get in your eyes. Then a few fire-side nights down the road, he picks up the same instrument and sets to it, but suddenly you're in an all together different setting: an orchestral pit.

He's all-at-once the conductor, all the players, many sheets of notes. The music is difficult to describe but you recognize it as singular.








matt hebermehl (detail no. 1) bag, mixed media, 2012








matt hebermehl, head no. 1, media unknown, 2012









matt hebermehl, (detail no. 2) bag, mixed media, 2012