manners no. 4

In painting and illustrating, I try to use the faces of people I know and have drawn, or at least, who I have drawn. Maybe this is slightly unique in that I am using drawings from observation (or as my sister advised me, "observed fictions") for the most part of my work. When I do this I write down the name of the person or a description of when, where and how I came to record the person's face. Usually.

In today's drawing I failed to write down anything. And I forgot her name (though not the location). Not very clever, not very polite and generally, not a good practice.

This brings me to facebook, which I do like very much.

Today, however, I received two requests (to be "friends") without any messages. One person I hadn't spoken to since 1987ish and the other, 1990ish.

If I wanted to rekindle, which generally, I do, I would write a message.

One should write a message to their friends.

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she is Indian (American), her dad could really play the guitar, and sing