love & money: the spendthrift

This type is one of the most pervasive and you will find yourself within this model at some point, or points, in your life. The spendthrift is an impulse shopper who throws it around quick and fast. It's exciting, romantic and heady. Unfortunately, after the funds run dry, there is simply nothing left and it takes time and not a little pain to fill the coffers anew.

Should you find yourself this type, switch it up, turn your life around, and stop with the overdrafts. Put aside some extra just for such purchases and spend heartily where the spending is good.

For example, I know my brands. I can impulse shop (with my mad money) Donald Pliner shoes because I know the product; and because I'm a mature shopper.

They're expensive, but they never hurt me, they're always fun, smart-looking and always stylish. That's how you want to be or how you want your mate to be and that's where you put the money. So versatile! So ultimately satisfying! No buyer's remorse!

So, if you're shacking up with yet another hotty Harvard-trained, beer-is-water lumber jack or a sweet lovin' honey in a diaphanous dress you met in a drumming circle - and it hasn't worked out thus far - prolly shouldn't place your nest eggs (or male equivalent) there.

The spendthrift experience may seem worth the cost, but long term futures are unsustainable.

Cousins: The Church Mouse, The Child


"the spendthrift" 9" x 12" mixed media June 9, 2011