little vampire break

This morning, my "free" year old, declared his status; "little vampire". He got up from the breakfast table, dragged his fingers across the floor and said, "I'm just filthy*. I need some juice." As he reached the kitchen he added, "I want some blahd." Swoon! As I child, I also had a lust for blahd. My father adored the story of Vlad and in honor of his piqued imagination I often suggested, "I vant to drink your blahd". So simple. So genetic?

The real life sucker today, however, turned out to be my failed router. It had no supernatural renaissance throughout the day and I was forced to shop. The set up turned out to be less than it's-so-easy and is not completely "resolved". Would I like to ignore? Yes. But this is a rhetorical question from a computer. It doesn't really ignore. The problem persists.



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