letter to sewanee

Office of the Editor, We miss you and hope you're all doing well. Going swimmingly here (what's so easy about swimming anyway?).

David's practicing diligently his "b" words. Even words starting with "n" start with "b" (such as bipples and he knows where his are). I bet he can say your name.

Dan's working and often many hours. He called from the Cloisters today to report on the woman that walk, and how they walk, and with whom they walk, and how they may have achieved their jiggleless legs "there at that Sea Island where the men are surely workin' Wall Street payin' for it all."

I'm busyish painting, duh, and wondering what you've got going.

Sure looks pretty there.

Yours, Katherine

blog katherine sandoz elk on lawn.jpg "See, there's an elk (moose) on the lawn."