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When I eloped in 2005, Jose Lambert and William Suazo gave me away.  One of Jose's wedding gifts to me was this plant;  of which nobody knows the name.  Sadly, when Jose unloaded the gift from his car while visiting Savannah, another "friend", mistaking it as trash (?????), threw it in a dump truck as it drove by!!!!

However, seven years later, as I "shopped" at Art Miami this year, I purchased this painting by Enrique Martinez Celaya (150K!) that depicts the plant.  I did not know the artist was Miami-based (represented by a Stockholm based gallery called Andersson/Sandstrom) but chose the work immediately, hoping to recover permanently, and without the need for watering, my wedding gift.

Since the piece is currently untitled, I guess EMC doesn't know the name of the tree either.  It's everywhere in southern Florida.

But wait, there's more.  One long time friend once worked for the artist and now is quite close with the painter's number one assistant.  Didn't know any of this prior to my "buying" the work.

Is this piece not meant for me?