leonora no. 1 (and color study)

Leonora Guadalupe Zepeda Suarez arrived in Savannah at the age of twelve from the rich-in-colonial-structures Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. She followed high school studies in this southern American colonial town and soon after began her work as an architecture student at SCAD. Composition & color: Much assisted by the Michoacán artist Alfredo Zalce.

Orange: A favorite color, a nod to the paintings of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the color of marigolds (attracts butterflies) also known to symbolize grace (and were once considered to be sacred and were placed around statues of you-know-who).

Talmadge Bridge/The Aqueduct of Morelia: I paired these two marine architectural structures to note the fact that Leonora will soon reach the year when she has spent as many years living in the United States as she did in Mexico, and of course there will be her degree in architecture.

Clothing: Stole from images of Michoacán and Morelian traditional dress as well as tapestries, ceramics and embroidery from the region.

Butterflies: Fly from North to South Americas to winter in Michoacán

Coincidentally: my paint rests in a shallow hand painted bowl my sister purchased (as a wedding gift) in Mexico.

blog sandoz leonora sketch no. 1.jpg

blog sandoz leonora color study.jpg

These colors are quite working for me yet, but they will...