laura ingalls

Went camping this weekend and was teased relentlessly about being "a city girl". Facts are:

1. Lived in a dirt floor cabin 2. LIVED in a TENT 3. Ground own (whole grain only) flour when making pancakes and cooked them on a wood burning stove 4. Caught a number of chickens bound for the hatchet (and eating) during my pre-teens 4. Blazed several peaks per week on my trusty mare Bonnie 5. Can sew by hand, by treadle and by the light of candles 6. Overly familiar with all variety of outhouses (and shovels) 7. Have stacked more cords of wood than a majority of 21st century women (and numbers of 20th century living women) 8. Stoked thousands of fires 9. Hung countless cloth diapers on a line to dry (for 3.5 babies that were not mine)


10. It's a real sad day when you're thinking to yourself, "I'm more country than all y'all."

kds pancakes.jpg