large scale work in progress

I'm painting a new 10' x 10' on fortifiber for the upcoming Westobou Festival.  Love this substrate (so far) and my new 10' x 20' "easel". When I asked for it to be double-sided and on wheels he said "no" and wants to know, "Who even has a 10' x 20' custom easel?" I tell him lots of people. Like every painter in Miami and every other one in Brooklyn. Definitely all the French ones. He doesn't believe me.

I point out that I feel really great about my large though one-sided and stationary easel. I even feel good about the no heating or cooling in the barn.  I love seeing the field and the changing sky throughout the day and night.  I love all the space and the caterer's table on which the children homework and play.    But I want to know, "What painters have donkeys, horses and hillbillies running through their studio on a daily basis?"