avignon & the papacy

In this image, Pope Clement VI fishes in the waters at Avignon, with the papal palace and the Pont d'Avignon in the background. He blesses a fellow fisher. Needless to say, the history of the popes of Avignon is less than bright, but it is interesting - full of intrigue, health pandemics and typical stories of haves, have nots, crusading, political maneuvering, etc.

katherine sandoz pope avignon.jpg

Notes: 1.While everybody says Clement VI was "a sinner among sinners" (even he said so) and reportedly lived high on the hog, he was a patron of the arts. 2. My husband drew the fishing pole and left hand. Dan's drawing skills rock because he never needs reference. Unbelievable and very reliable. Reading fishing and hunting specs for 35 years, turns out, is good for something. 3. I know the line of the left arm shirt is very close to what the line of the boat is/should be. I'm such a rebel; I'm leaving it like that. 4. See how I likened his robe to a life jacket-ish?