la peste 2012

Remember in high school when a (not-named) football player was "infested" with Karen Domnauer? This summer, infatuation is not a word we know, either. In fact, this summer is heartily infested with two things. One is an exuberance borne of cooler-than-usual weather. The second is an epic rash of fleas. The entire township is under siege; the meadows sway not with a breeze but by the locomotive power of these parasites. The stores can't keep the effective poisons on the shelves. Hairless and addled best describe the canine population.

If you receive a postcard from us this summer, it will go something like this:

Greetings from Vernonburg! Don't bother visiting. We're hip-deep crusading against a biblical, plague-like flea pestilence. The men wield plastic spray bottles attached to water hoses. The children appear to be lepers. Send powders and poultices (the stores from Charleston to Brunswick are out). Send vacuum bags.

With love, formerly of summers full of cupcakes, fish, pools and lawncare,



This is a template for a repeat pattern for flea wrapping paper or fabric. Why you'd want or need that, I have no idea. But it looks great - on paper! ("comment" if you want a (personal usage) high-res file)