kurt vargo

I found this drawing of my co-worker Kurt this afternoon while looking for something else. Love it; I drew it in a staff meeting. I'm sure I was supposed to be listening to our dean. An illustration professor at SCAD (j'ad his sketchbook), Vargo should have been paying attention as well. He was making his summer plans list; pretty sure.

1. fertilize lawn 2. go camping (fire, beer, watch out for bears) 3. take cats to vet (cheap one) 4. get some checks in the mail 5. buy peggy guggenheimish glasses 6. romance marcie (his wife)


kurt vargo by katherine sandoz 8.5" x 11" pencil on paper summer 2005

(*another, much different, portrait of KV) On the back of this drawing is part of the speech that SCAD President Wallace delivered when our dear friend, illustration chair, and my office mate of 9 years, Traci Haymans passed away in 2004.