At another house, I received phone calls for one "LJ", aka, Juanita. I am not that woman, but there are obviously folks who believe that she and my phone number match. I got a call for her/them tonight. While this pattern of calls repeats, I can't say the designs I've been working on do the same. You'd think, knowing the basic concepts and all, it'd be like canoeing. Work and all, but, you know, repetitive and understandable with some small changes of scenery from time to time. Anyway, I guess I'm just smart but dumb (on a smaller scale...that doesn't necessarily repeat). katherine sandoz blog protea.jpg

This isn't even anything but a study for a study for the study that might one day be the pattern (which I hope will be a vertical 3/4 step and repeat) for the painting that will be the product.