joshua branstetter

I spent a part of Veterans Day with photographer Josh Branstetter who graciously shot my home and grounds.  The holiday reminds me how very lucky we all are - how lucky I am.  I love my work tremendously.  One reason;  it allows me to meet so many artists and I am humbled and wowed by the abundant talent and individuals surrounding me. So Josh Branstetter, aka Jabberpics.  I appreciate how flexible he is in the presentation of his images.  I respect his work ethic and enjoy his warm personality.  I learn from his focus on site and I simply love the way he sees the world.  He is super sensitive to subject and scope of work.  If he doesn't do a lot of homework, he's fooled me.  One of the best things to see;  the way he lights up around children.  And they adore him.  He holds conversations with kids without speaking and they "talk".

Pretty awesome.

Oh!  And his Instagram feed is also awesome!  (@jabberpics)