arrival: 1999 acting as: painter, animator, installation, street, & collaborative artist

savannah highlight: 2009 Guerrilla Animated Projection on the Jen Library (collaboration with Hebermehl).

career highlight/s: featured in the 2011 3x3 illustration directory, featured in Juxtapoz Magazine's site multiple times, featured on notcot.org multiple times, featured in Create Magazine February 2008 issue.

themes: current events, dreams, & stream of consciousness.

site/s: http://www.drzisill.in/

The multimedia work of James Zdaniewski, aka Dr. Z, constantly evolves but often reflects on a negative idea, an environment or a current world event. He takes that concept and produces something all together more pleasing to the eye. Calling attention to the potential positive inherent in each idea, he provokes thought and wonder.

Another wonder: according to the artist, a whole lotta folks think this guy is Spanish, but STAN-YES-SKI???? He apparently speaks some Spanish, but this "very Polish" SCAD trained animator currently does it all. By that I mean, if it's art-driven, he's on it. And look closely when you do because he supports and collaborates with several Savannah artists.

Find his creations on many a substrate, on city walls, in digital form. Or find him and his work at Local 11Ten on Monday, October 3rd from 5 to 7 p.m.


"Que Lastima" 40" x 30" Mixed Media on Panel 2011