it could happen to you

Things are going along fine or at least follow some sort of path you recognize; then, all of a sudden, you are painting lighthouses. My grandmother once hired a psychic maybe for a present for my mother. By reputation, this guy was the real kind. The kind that can see. I also received a reading - by telephone.

He said I would be an artist, but not the kind I thought. He also said my great love's name would start with the letter "J".

Here's my first lighthouse painting. Never thought I'd paint one of those. And it's not so awful. I feel less worse then I thought I might if you told me seven days ago, "Next week you will paint a lighthouse."

Stay tuned for tigers on velvet.

As for the J's, they were great and are long gone, but you see, we all do, the future remains unpredictable.

katherine sandoz tybee light house.jpg

tybee lighthouse (& coast guard compound) acrylic on lauan 3" x 3"