isle of hope haunted trail

This year's trail features The Legend of Wormsloe Hollow and its performance and presentation is ooooOOOOoutrageous. The costumes, the music, the lighting! A group of Isle of Hope musicians, artists, designers and actor types stage a very scary, but beautiful haunted trail. At the trail head, you can pre-order the degree of fright factor, but the impressive is turned up high for every blazer.

I wrote the story that Stewart Marshall performs and recorded for a loop playing at the start of the trail. Fun and funny, Marshall gives an inspired and humorous reading. Listen through, the ending is especially heartfelt.

Haunted Trail 2011.mp3

If you didn't attend last night's, you have another chance from 7 - 9 tonight on the Isle. You can't miss it (next to the pool and fire station).