in a box

A lotta folks hold oyster roasts and that requires lots of stuff to include a table, troughs (if you're so lucky), knives, gloves, burlap bags and so forth. So to find and store all that, what you invention.


blog oyster roast in a box.jpg

It comes in the S, LS and XLS. The XLS boasts an irrigation hookup, in house gas system and oyster steaming drawers, party lights, myriad storage, a knife rack and ATV wheels. I'm sure there's more.

I pondered its development recently and told my husband all about it (while (he said) he was "working"). His response:

wife in a box.

I think my husband (obviously ONLY an S model) may lack appreciation of my "aggressive thinking" (his label, not mine...which I do appreciate as far as labels go).