hurricane irene: a partial biography

Born in West Africa, you couldn't know a more peaceful babe than little Irene. After a pleasant-enough childhood and an exciting adolescence, Irene found herself a little depressed. Facing the setting sun, she leapt into the ocean causing a great wave. "A trip is what I need," she thought.

As she crossed the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, she found herself quite agitated, but in that agitation, she harnessed strength. She grew to great proportions. Suddenly her fluster turned to fury; she rattled over the islands of the Bahamas and adjusted her headings in a northerly direction.

What will happen to her next? Will she veer eastward and find treaty in great waves? Or will she batter the North American coast that stands in her path?


"hurricane irene" mixed media on moleskine sketchpad august 25, 2011