how men fight

This is really a girl question shrouded in the form of a declarative title. I googled and saw a bunch of information on war. Really, what I'm interested in the translations that men make and give in heated discussions with one another. I am not talking about "men in relationships (with women)." I'm wondering about why if men buy, not shop then why is it so hard for them to get to the point when the "ships are down" (ESL). I understand that on smaller issues (showing up, changing plans, etc.), they just don't care.

blog boxers.jpg Speaking of fights: A longstanding argument exists between Vernonburg and Savannah. Savannah insists that Vernonburg pollutes the Vernon River that both share. Savannah now intends to test the DNA of Vernonburg horses, deer and racoons (if any Savannahian will shoot one (just the racoon) for the city) to see if they (their fecal matter) prove to be the precipitants (of the water fouling). That the city would spend so much (I'm sure DNA testing costs more than the amount of this grant) seems suspicious, not to mention costly to its taxpayers.

Where/who is the real culprit?